"Creating a Trauma-Informed Workforce"
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Course Description:  This learning program focuses on the workforce and
certain developmental activities such as recruiting, hiring, and retaining
trauma-informed staff; training behavioral health service providers on the
principles of and evidence-based and emerging best practices relevant to, TIC;
developing and promoting a set of counselor competencies specific to TIC;
delineating the responsibilities of counselors and addressing ethical
considerations specifically relevant to promoting TIC; providing
trauma-informed clinical supervision; and committing to prevention and
treatment of secondary trauma of behavioral health professionals within the
organization.  The above developmental activities are necessary in the
development of a trauma-informed workforce.

Course Objectives:
1)  Discuss strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retention of trauma-informed
2. Describe training modalities used to educate behavioral health service
providers about the principles of TIC (Trauma-Informed Care) and about  
emerging best practices that are evidence-based and relevant to TIC.
3) Delineate how organizations can develop and promote a set of counselor
competencies specific to TIC, and provide trauma-informed clinical supervision
4) Review ways how an trauma-informed organization can commit to the
prevention and treatment of secondary trauma among behavioral health
5) Assess the responsibilities of counselors and their ethical roles in promoting
practices inherent in TIC.
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